Wind Down with Lightfoot at Happy Hour

Young woman with a glass of wine talking to a man at the bar

The Happy Hour is back in style, and Lightfoot does it like no one else.

The late afternoon/early evening Happy Hour at Lightfoot is one of the best ways to unwind and savor the cosmopolitan feel of downtown Leesburg. Yes, Lightfoot is a classy place to have lunch or dinner, but we’re so much more.  

Happy Hour Fun At Lightfoot

Lightfoot is known for casual elegance and delicious cuisine, but our regulars know we’re also lots of fun. Our mahogany bar is not only one of the most gorgeous and inviting in the area–it’s also warm and relaxed with a lively early evening crowd. It’s the perfect place for an after-work drink with friends or colleagues.

You’ll get to know our friendly bartenders who know their way around a cocktail (Stoli infused with grapefruit and ginger, watermelon infused martinis, and buttercream martinis are just a few recent creations). Our staff can also help you choose the perfect wine or beer by the glass from our inspired lists to pair with your meal, or recommend something new.

Happy Hour Bites: Snacks Are Where It’s At

The drinks are just the beginning at Lightfoot. We know that when it comes to Happy Hour, great munchies are where it’s at.

We love surprising guests with Happy Hour appetizer specials like Memphis Pork BBQ Nachos, Kung Pao Calamari and homemade ham biscuits. These fun dishes give chef Ingrid a chance to shake things up– and give our guests a taste of something a little unexpected.

Of course, our old favorites like Oysters Rockefeller, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Peking Duck Quesadillas are still on the menu if you’re feeling snacky, or, feel free to slide right into dinner at the bar after a few cocktails. Our Fish and Chips are fresh, hot, and perfect. Lastly, lots of folks aren’t aware that we serve one of the best burgers in town.

The Lightfoot Happy Hour Rundown

Our happy hour drink specials usually run from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Fridays. Sometimes if we’re feeling adventurous, we offer Happy Hour specials all night on selected weekdays (Thursdays are a favorite). We love to throw in fun extras like free chips and dip when we’re in the mood. We like to keep things spontaneous during the week, so the best way to get the latest is to check out (and like) our Facebook page.

Our Friday afternoon/evening Happy Hour is becoming a downtown Leesburg institution. We regularly have live jazz Friday nights (with a little bit of Happy Hour overlap). We absolutely love pianist Caleb Nei— either solo or with his jazz trio. Caleb is a super talented young jazz pianist and a favorite with our Friday night crowd. His jazz standards in our old school piano bar give a classic, comfortable feel to Friday night.

Happy Hour At Lightfoot: All About The Atmosphere

The Happy Hour atmosphere at Lightfoot can’t be beat. It’s little bit Cheers, a little bit Mad Men, with a distinctive historic downtown Leesburg twist. Our warm lighting, friendly staff and interesting guests make it the perfect place to soak in Leesburg’s charming and vibrant downtown. You’ll raise a glass with attorneys, artists, business leaders and others from Loudoun’s thriving arts and professional scene.

With the arrival of spring, our gorgeous patio will soon be open for business– a Happy Hour hotspot. There’s nothing like a crisp sauvignon blanc or cold craft brew on the patio on a warm spring day! And did we mention the off-street parking?

Happy Hour, Lightfoot style, is the perfect way to unwind after a busy workweek. Have a few apps and drinks and head out—or stick around and have dinner at the bar and enjoy some great tunes on a Friday night. There’s no need to get a table—because while we’re elegant, we’re definitely not stuffy. You’ll be a regular before you know it.