Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 in Style

Mother’s Day: it’s all about getting mom to relax and feel pampered—and most importantly—keeping her out of the kitchen and off her feet. Here are some ideas for the classic Mother’s Day she’s always wanted and will remember for years to come:

The Mother’s Day Flowers

These are staple of Mother’s Day, and who doesn’t like getting flowers? But before you head to the store, remember—not all flowers are created equal. Sure, grocery store roses are convenient, but maybe it’s time to try something a little fresher, it’s a special occasion after all. The hot flowers for spring 2016 are peonies, lilacs, hydrangeas, and tulips. Check out a local floral designer who can put together something really unique. Give her something that says I love you but can also make any room of the house look sensational.

The Mother’s Day Gift

Unless mom really likes jewelry, we recommend skipping the stuff and rather gifting experiences. Sometimes what moms want most for Mother’s Day is a little time away from their families (we know that’s hard to believe). Our favorite ways to get mom her well deserved peace and quiet are a monthly pass to her favorite yoga studio, and a spa mani-pedi (someplace swanky where they’ll really take care of her). And Lightfoot’s signature gold coin gift tokens are always a hit. Instead of a boring old gift card, offer her a beautifully wrapped box with a few $25 tokens. She can use them to take a friend to lunch and get away from it all. And if mom lives in Loudoun and you’re out of town, a Lightfoot electronic gift certificate is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. We make it easy to order and send online.

The Mother’s Day Brunch

There’s a reason Mother’s Day always happens on Sunday: you’re supposed to take mom out to brunch. Look for someplace classy and elegant like her, but not so stuffy she’ll forget to relax and enjoy herself. Lightfoot offers the perfect combination of fancy/special and casual/relaxed. Mom can dress up—or not. Brunch is always one of our favorites at Lightfoot. It gives Chef Ingrid a chance to have a little fun and get a little crazy (in a good way). We do it up every Sunday, and our regulars love our Bacon Bloody Mary (yes, you read that right), bottomless traditional mimosas (dad, you’re driving), our signature strawberry mimosa and (of course) a great wine and beer list.

The brunch menu varies week to week, but we’ll give you an idea of past favorites.
For old-school southern style brunchiness, our Virginia Kitchen includes fried eggs, grits, smoked bacon and tomatoes. Or go a little international with our Frenchy Plate: warm smoked Virginia ham, triple cream Brie croissant, potatoes and asparagus. Our Jumbo Lump Crab Fondue Omelet and Beef Tenderloin Eggs Benedict are big with the savory crowd, while our Croissant Cinnamon Bourbon French Toast (with maple syrup ice cream and—yep—bacon) appeals to folks with a sweet tooth.

And one more thing, we’re not one of those places that serves Mother’s Day brunch and then gets offended when kids show up. We love kids. We have a kids menu and staff who are used to serving families. We want the experience to be enjoyable for everyone.

The Mother’s Day Party

If you have multiple generations involved—or lots of siblings looking to celebrate mom together– consider booking a private room at Lightfoot and hosting a Mother’s Day party. In addition to our Sheridan Room for large events, Lightfoot has two small, beautifully decorated banquet rooms perfect for parties of 10 to 30 guests. These are perfect for a family luncheon or brunch where you can get together and celebrate mom or grandma.

Mother’s Day Ideas: Post Brunch

Lightfoot is blessed to be at the very center of one of the region’s most interesting and booming downtowns. Leesburg in springtime just can’t be beat. After brunch, take mom on a stroll through Leesburg’s antique shops, galleries, and boutiques. You can pick up a unique piece of art from one of our hip galleries—or craft supplies from our local sewing studio (homemade gifts are never out of style, no matter how old you are). Grab a coffee, relax, and listen to some live music at one of several quaint independent coffee shops before heading home.

The Perfect Mother’s Day 2016

It’s her day—and it’s so easy to make a day of it—starting with the best brunch in town.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on our Mother’s Day Brunch menu. And book ahead: we have plenty of seating, but we recommend reservations for this special day. She’ll be feeling the love all day long!