Starting a Holiday Tradition


Even though you may have grown up with some nice holiday traditions, sometimes it feels good to start your own as you leave the nest and have your own family. We are big fans of continuing customs that are handed down over generations, but we also love the idea of creating new ones. Here are a few fun ideas for making the holidays your own.

Christmas 2016: Cutting Down Your Tree

The holidays are a magical time around Loudoun County thanks to Leesburg’s revived, bustling downtown and our gorgeous rural scenery. Within a short drive of Leesburg, the county hosts a variety of Christmas tree farms. Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a wonderful way to start a new tradition – and it can be done either as a family event or as a creative date with a significant other.

There’s nothing like a fresh, fragrant pine or fir in your home. On a cold, crisp day, plan a short trip to one of Loudoun’s Christmas tree farms to find the perfect tree. Selecting just the right one, cutting it down, and then bringing it home is an experience that you’ll cherish. It’s a terrific way to spend quality time with loved ones – and the scenery can’t be beaten.

Finish up your tree outing with a cozy lunch or dinner filled with comfort food and delicious drinks. Downtown Leesburg is especially charming during the holidays, so consider a restaurant there to round out your day. The Loudoun Farms 2016 guide to holiday trees and greenery will be available the third week in November, so be sure to check it out for more information.

Hanukkah 2016: Homemade Latkes

2016 is the perfect year to make Hanukkah celebrations extra special. Unlike most recent years, Hanukkah this year corresponds with the winter breaks of our local school systems – running from December 24 through January 1. It’s a great time to reconnect with family and loved ones, and of course, start a new tradition.

Since we love food, we adore the idea of making homemade latkes for a new Hanukkah tradition. These crispy potato pancakes are a favorite any time of year, but they are a must for Hanukkah. They are also pretty easy to make, so they are a perfect way to get the kids involved during the holidays.

The internet is full of latke recipes, so just be sure to read reviews before you try any in your own kitchen. For an interesting twist, try a few different recipes and have your family select the “winner” for next year. Or, make a variety of dips to try with your potato pancakes. Mix it up and see what will become your family’s next Hanukkah staple.

New Year’s 2017: New Year’s Day Lunch

New Year’s Eve is always exciting, but now many people are celebrating New Year’s Day with a cheerful daytime gathering. January 1st offers a quiet, yet pleasant, way to commemorate the new year and wind down from the previous night’s revelry.

In Virginia, a New Year’s Day lunch traditionally includes foods like pork loin, greens, and black-eyed peas. These customary offerings can be prepared in new and delicious ways, so look for restaurants that like to put a modern twist on the traditional preparations. If you don’t want to wait for lunch, brunch is another fantastic tradition option – especially this year, because New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday.

Holiday Traditions, Lightfoot Style

Old traditions are great, but new ones can be even better! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, there’s always room for a new activity or outing to enjoy time with loved ones. And if you’ve experienced a wild and crazy 2016, New Year’s Day 2017 is the perfect time to celebrate a fresh start and a promising year to come.

Lightfoot’s New Year’s Eve celebration is a delicious, fabulous way to cheer in the new year. If a New Year’s Day get-together is more your style, we will be offering a special menu featuring some updated classics. Our jovial, elegant decor and warm ambiance make us the perfect place to celebrate new traditions with family and friends. Follow us on Facebook for menu updates and special event details.

Lightfoot Restaurant would love to a part of your traditions – new or old. We can accommodate groups of all sizes, making us the perfect place to celebrate those special Christmas or Hanukkah moments. Let us help you rejoice, Lightfoot style.